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We start with a basic and inviolable rule. The live casino you choose must operate with all legitimacy to keep you and your money Safe. We check the blacklist every day, which means that here you will find only the best live licensed online casinos. After you see that it is 100% legal, you pass to the next stage which is registration.
Casino security assessment criteria
We use two basic methods of finding and evaluating online casinos. Initially, using years of experience and knowledge we search and analyze online casinos, betting and or poker rooms. After we have assessed the credibility of a casino by focusing on potential licenses, financial stability and reputation, we check the hard data. Because using algorithms to assess popularity levels, Software Quality, Payment Systems and so on. It is useful but not enough for a complete picture. But if combined with independent in-depth research, then the combination can yield very detailed analyses.
Variety, security & speed of payment methods
The last, but equally key piece for the best live online casinos is variety. Both in the payment methods and in the list of live games. The many trading modes available "untie the hands of the players". It is extremely easy for customers of an online casino live to be able to deposit with both prepaid cards (paysafecard) and e-wallets (Skrill, Neteller) and bank cards (Visa, Mastercard, etc.) or via bank transfer. The same is true of modes of Ascension.